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Taste Tuscany
Hands-on cooking classes held in English, teaching traditional recipes from the north, center and south of Italy. From picking herbs and vegetables in the garden to talking with the local farmers at the open market, cooking will be fun and delicious. You will be guided to discover the art treasures of Tuscany, visit traditional craft workshops and enjoy local events. In wine classes you'll learn all the secrets of wine appreciation and visit Chianti producers and their cellars. The art and archaeological guides, will tell you ancient stories of the the past, stories of kings and bishops, of pilgrims and knights. In the delicate rolling hills you'll find the right atmosphere to share the food you prepared with your new friends, sitting in the magic circle of cypresses, whose dark leaves melt into the starry night.

Toscana Saporita
Toscana Saporita is an Italian cooking school located in Tuscany offering small classes and hands-on instruction in English, as well as daily tours with professional English speaking guides. They have attracted accomplished chefs who come to study the unique nature of Tuscan cuisine, and compliments from The International Herald Tribune as well as from Italian Food, Wine, and Travel and other publications. Anne Bianchi and Sandra Lotti are the founders of Toscana Saporita. Bianchi, an Italian American, and Lotti, a native Tuscan, are cousins, and authors of many internationally acclaimed cookbooks.

Tuscan Way
You are personally invited to spend a few days or a week in an enchanting old medieval homes in the village of Arcidosso, near Siena in the South of Tuscany. Carlo Innocenti will teach you how to prepare dishes typical of this region and enjoy, recognize and appreciate its famous wines. Daily-guided field trips to the picturesque little towns of the area are provided as well as airport and station transfers.

Tuscan Women Cook
Indulge yourself in the Tuscan lifestyle and discover the region's passion for food and wine. The best cooks in all of Tuscany, the local women, teach these classes. They'll share regional techniques, ingredients, and family recipes that have been passed down over the centuries. The program includes 7 night's accommodation at Agriturismo Belagaggio in Montefollonico, all meals for 5 days, including wine, olive oil and cheese tasting, and visits to local markets and historical towns. Airfare and local transportation are not included.

Vallicorte is the venue for an exciting program of four-day and seven-day Italian cookery courses in spring and autumn. Four-day courses include a Saturday and a Sunday with two half-day excursions; seven-day courses include a day in Florence and more free time to explore the surroundings of Vallicorte. People who have a passion for Italian food and enjoy selecting and preparing the best ingredients, will find Ursula Ferrigno's enthusiasm and knowledge totally beguiling. She encourages guests in 'hands-on' preparation of beautiful mouth-watering dishes of all kinds, traditional wood-oven baking, pasta-making, and presentation.



Diane Seed's Culinary Adventures
Diane Seed, author of the best-selling "The Top One Hundred Pasta Sauces" and many other books on Italian cooking, has lived in Rome for over 30 years. She has a cooking school in her own home in the beautiful Doria Pamphili palace in the centre of Rome at Piazza Venezia. Her apartment is in the part of the palace used to house guests on the Grand Tour in the early part of the last century, and the cooking school has a round window that looks over Piazza Venezia, down to the Forum and the Colosseum. The back terrace looks over the tiled roof to see the dome of St.Peter�s.

Fontana del Papa ~ Let's Cook In Italy
Assuntina Antonacci, and her husband Claudio host cooking courses that offer a unique opportunity to experience first hand authentic top quality regional cooking techniques and recipes that have been developed and handed down over generations. All of their courses include excursions, such as tutored wine & olive oil tasting. They will also take you walking in the surrounding countryside to pick and learn about wild mushrooms, wild salads herbs, according to the season.



Mediterranean Life
The foods of this region are best appreciated in Apulia�s historic farmhouses, where local professional chefs and ladies teach the secrets of traditional home cooking in hands-on classes to groups of 2 to 12 people, who prepare the recipes each morning. Afternoons are devoted to visits to nearby farmhouses and excursions to a mozzarella cheese producer, a maker of Capocollo, a fresh salami protected by Slow Food, or a special ice-cream or pastry shop where we taste �bocconotto� and other local specialties. The program includes shared lodging and most meals in a four-star hillside hotel with swimming-pool, five cooking lessons, two restaurant meals, daily escorted excursions, and private bus transportation.



Italian Institute For Advanced Culinary Pastry Arts
Are you a professional chef looking to improve your skills? Full Immersion Culinary and Pastry programs for professional Chefs, Patissier, Culinary Instructors and advanced students presented by Europe's most renown Master Chefs in the beautiful Lake Garda Region just outside of Milan. Courses include; The Evolution of Italian Cuisine, Italian Culinary Exploration, and Pastry, Cakes & Desserts, which are full one and two week immersion courses.


Emilia Romagna

The International Cooking School Of Italian Food And Wine
The cooking school is in a sixteenth-century palazzo, a private Renaissance palace located in the historic center of Bologna. Conducted in a modern professional restaurant kitchen with individual work areas, hands-on cooking courses are taught in English. Classes are small in size so you fully participate. Taught by award winning cookbook author Mary Beth Clark.


Multiple Regions/Culinary Tour Groups

Cook Italy
Cook Italy is about having fun learning to cook authentic Italian food, proper traditional food with roots and soul. Italian food varies from region to region because it relies on locally grown seasonal ingredients, usually just a few at a time. The techniques are not complicated. They aim to bring the flavors out, not to overwhelm with mixtures, sauces and spices. These courses have been planned to appeal to all food lovers: experienced cooks, novices, non-cooks. You will prepare quick, simple three course meals that are delicious and look good. Classes are held in Tuscany, Umbria, emilia Romagna and Sicily.

Epiculinaria Culinary Tours
Epiculinary was founded by Catherine Merrill as a culinary tour company, offering cooking vacations to Europe and North America. With 20 programs in France, Italy, Spain and the U.S., Epiculinary offers the perfect culinary vacation for just about everyone. In Italy alone, 21 programs are offered in several different regions. Travel the Venetian lagoons for four days learning to cook on an antique sailboat, or enjoy spa treatments while learning to cook healthy foods in Sploletto. In addition to packages, Epiculinary can help with customized and group travel.

Everyday Gourmet Travel
Everyday Gourmet Traveler specializes in small, 6- to 12-person tours working with fellow culinarians in various locations to create a truly "personal" and behind-the scenes-experience. It's a combination of food, wine, entertainment, laughter, exploration, shopping, the best of all worlds. Trips are planned to Venice, Tuscany, Cinque Terra, Puglia and Almafi.

International Kitchen
Over 50 truly unique and exciting cooking adventures in Italy, France and U.S.A, including 39 in Italy alone. These trips combine the passions of travel, cooking and entertaining into unforgettable experiences. Choose a weekend, 4 day or a full week program in many regions across Italy. There is even a program that combines golf with cooking lessons for those who want to do both.

Learning Vacations Inc.
Learning Vacations Inc. has assembled an outstanding portfolio of luxury culinary vacations in Italy. Each program features "hands-on" cooking classes led by renowned instructors with a passion for Italian cuisine. In addition to outstanding cooking classes, enthusiasts will enjoy wine tastings, gourmet dinners, and guided walks through historic Italian villages and food markets. Of course, non-cooking partners are most welcome on all programs. Upcoming programs are available in Lucca, the Pistoia Mountains, both in Tuscany, and in Abruzzo.

Select Italy
A tour company specializing in various excursions, including culinary vacations to Tuscany, Almafi, and Emilia Romagna. One day, weekend or week long courses are offered.

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