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This is a traditional Easter Bread recipe that is a cross between a cake and a bread, with a nice texture well suited to be served at breakfast or with coffee.

Christmas Fruitcake
This is a tradional fruit cake from Calabria, that is nice to slice it into thin wedges for a holiday cookie tray. Although it sounds complicated, once you get going it really isn't difficult.

This is a traditional Christmas bread recipe made by Nonna Lina each year. Usually one would use a round, tall sided panettone pan which can be found at kitchen specialty stores, but almost any casserole or bread pan could be used.

Nonna's Torta di Mele ~ Apple Pie
This pie of Nonna Lina's is delicious, and has become a family favorite after Sunday lunch. Tender, cinnamon flavored apple slices are used to fill a light, pastry crust.

Raisin Cookies
These flavorful raisin cookies are always on hand at Nonna Lina's house for when guests stop by. Although they are great with a cup of coffee for a quick mid-day snack, they are also delicious for breakfast with a cup of cafe latte for dipping.

These cookies are created from dense, honey flavored dough that encases a chocolate, almond filling. This traditional Calabrian specialty is a great addition to any cookie tray!

Little puffs of golden brown dough, topped with your topping of choice. These cookies are very popular for the Christmas holidays in Nonna's house each year, although they would be great for any special day.

Mixed Summer Fruit ~ Frutta Mista
This combination of strawberries and watermelon shows just how easy, and yet delicious a dessert can be using seasonal fresh ingredients. You could add other tasty seasonal fruit such as peaches, but this combination goes especially well together.

Apricot Jam ~ Marmelatta di Albicocca
This is an easy recipe for making apricot jam that Nonna makes each year from the fruit trees in her garden. This jam is great on toast, as well as used as a filling in cookies and other baking.

Ciambelle With Wine
This ciambelle recipe using wine and anise seeds is a family favorite. It�s great with a glass of white wine, or with coffee for a mid-morning snack. Don�t worry about being too professional in shaping them, as you want them to look a little rustic so people know you made them yourself!

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